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The Fourth Dimension
Distorting itself and the space around, a hypercube flies through the center of the universe. It reflects the souls of humanity and our quest for knowledge. In each of its corners, in each of its bends—there's an entire universe, inaccessible to the ordinary gaze. Inside the hypercube—a world where time does not exist.

Here, people connect to a unified information field, intertwining with eternity. The field's space is a dance, linking hearts and souls.

Ancient gods, whose wisdom fills the space, quietly watch over us, transmitting knowledge through the ages. The hypercube stands as a symbol of the New Gods, guardians of unexplored mysteries.
In search of knowledge, we tread a path where pain and joy go hand in hand.

May the hypercube and dance become the bridge, connecting us with all the mysteries of the Universe and the eternal wisdom of the Ancient gods.

May it help us find the path to true knowledge, which will heal our souls and connect us with the infinity of the Universe.
Forgotten by time, remaining in legends and fragments of memories that contradict one another.
Emerging from the foam, where are you now?
Do you live in human worlds, do you rule and sow love?
A jolt.
- Come on, dear, wake up and look at the new era. The power is on, tasks have been received.

A celebration of both old and new gods, intertwined in wires or threads of fate.

Taste, Listen, Pay Attention, Look, and Absorb, Ancient and New People
What sets you apart from those who came before?
Does the current of the Universe flow to you through wires, and do these same wires block the channels through which you pay attention or receive?
Shall we put on a record, change the track, and switch reality?

Though, that's not really a question.

The fourth dimension finds its connection to the Universal mind, which means to you as well.
Every consciousness, all our heads are connected to the collective. Your mind is sharp and sees what's important, but the question is, where is that dimension, where are you right now?
In which time?
It's not me who dictates to the material, but the material to me, dictating what it wants to be and who it wants to manifest as.
Several months, to be with you for just a few days. But are they just days, or more than days?
I landed on her island, which is considered the island of Aphrodite. One day was as deep as one can live in a month.
And she drove me mad, confused me, was ever-changing, and in the end, took on a new form, as she often does, bringing everyone here, including me.
Her old world merged with my cosmos, another dimension, and what resulted will remain forever in memory.
Here and now, in the past, present, and future.
After all, this is the fourth change.
The quintessence of everything, the cube as a portal into which you immediately enter upon arriving at this platform, without even fully understanding or realizing the space you are currently in.
Unified and present here.
Special thanks to Ksenia Dolgorukova

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