© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev


How often do we miss the point, caught up in the heat of debate?
engrossed in a fervent discussion, responding or posing yet another question, how often do we become so fixated that we lose sight of the bigger picture? How frequently does that perfect, fitting thought come to us only after the conversation has ended?
Such is the nature of our minds. It's easy to be lured into a tangential topic, veering away from the initial subject. I often catch myself doing this, even as I write this very piece, having leaped from one topic to another multiple times.
Often, a single pause, a calm breath can redirect our attention, offering a more detached, third-person perspective. I've developed a 'stop-word' for myself, a cue that pulls me back from getting lost in a situation. By focusing on the tip of my nose and mentally uttering the word "above," I find my way back to center.

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
"CREATING THE FUTURE 2050" is the first NFT auction in Russia, held as part of the cultural program of the 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022.
The auction will feature NFT works of the finalists of the digital art competition "CREATING THE FUTURE 2050", NFT works of classical and contemporary art from the collections of Russian museums, including museum association ROSI30, Tula Museum Association, Novgorod Museum-Reserve, as well as works from private collections, galleries, and directly from famous artists.
Our auction supports charity. A significant portion of the funds from the sale of lots will be donated to the "CIRCLE OF GOOD" Foundation, which supports children with severe life-threatening and chronic diseases, including rare (orphan) ones.

"They ask him, "Why the plane, Max?"

With a hint of shyness and unease, he looks down and reminisces about building model airplanes as a child. He's shared with me stories of his childhood — the village, the motorcycle, the scent of gasoline, and tales of his grandfather.

In these stories, I see the purest, most cherished memories of his childhood. I picture him as that young boy, full of joy and dreams, dreams he still harbors. And in this project, he's simply soaring through his art.

I can almost hear his soul whispering to me,

"I yearn to fly. I release my dreams into the air, feeling myself nearly aloft.

They tell me that I need a specially-controlled plane with a remote to truly soar."

But then I counter, "Does a plane fly because it's built to, or because we believe in it?"

"I believe that no barrier is insurmountable. I believe that one can reach their dreams, guided by faith in the future."

"Love lifts us to the heavens.

Love propels everything in this world."

"I close my eyes and take flight.

And someday, I'll open them, jump from a plane with a parachute, and once again, connect with my dream.

Air, flight, an airplane.

Summer, laughter, and sunbeams reflecting in your eyes.

Reach out your hand."

And at some point, I'm unsure who's uttering these words. Could it be you? Are you, looking at these artworks, soaring alongside us?

Then, right there in the café where we sit, he folds a paper airplane from a napkin and releases it into the air.

I made a wish.

What was it?

You know."

text: Ksenia Dolgorukova

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