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We're always in a rush, always racing somewhere. In doing so, we often miss out on the most beautiful thing: life itself. Observe with me. Pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and truly feel this instant. What will it bring?

No matter where we live or how we live, there's always a chair within arm's reach. Right now, I'm extending my hand to you, inviting you to sit beside me. We won't even speak. After all, isn't it profoundly beautiful to share silence with the right company? In that comfortable stillness, let's admire the world together, lost in contemplation.
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Can you guess where I stand now? Perhaps you know this city, this country, this very spot, and yearn to be here once again? Or maybe I'll show you places you've only dreamt of.
Listen, observe, and feel.
United Arab Emirates
Imagine pressing a single button and instantly transporting to any real or imagined place in the world. Move without physically moving, to places where someone else might be sitting, lost in their own thoughts. Shift your focus from the constant race to everything around. Turn your attention from your external self to your inner world. Participate and observe the unfolding scenes of life. Be and play, observing and creating worlds within your mind.
What is this space? Who are you within it?

To converse soulfully without uttering a single word.

Goa, Arambol
What is this?
Places of power?
Places where one can dive deep into nostalgia and recall moments that seemed to have just passed?
Or will you be making plans, envisioning the future?

Will you be lost in thought?

Addis Ababa
One evening, I suggested we watch a film I hold dear.
It's about journalists and photographers, based on true events, titled "The Reckless Club".
They worked in hotspots, telling the truth while dodging bullets. The setting was Africa.
Around eleven at night, after the film ended, my friend and I sat discussing it. A wild thought struck us:
Why not head to Africa for a photo tour?
We found the next available flight to Ethiopia and by four in the morning, we were airborne.
Addis Ababa greeted us with a riot of colors and, of course, our journey wasn't without its adventures. We met a local who agreed to guide us. We witnessed him saving a stranger, a woman lying on the road, ventured into alleys off-limits to tourists, and at one point, our photography caused a brawl, forcing us to flee. But overall, we encountered wonderful people, who cherished life, smiled genuinely, and had big hearts. Ethiopia has carved a place in my soul.

I remember a couple of years ago, when at some point everything went awry, I took a ride on the subway loop, just to distract myself. As a kid, I would hop on the first bus I saw and just go somewhere. But often, I didn't want to actually go anywhere. I wished to close my eyes and in a mere 5-10 minutes find myself in a different space, to get away, to stop thinking, and then come back to my tasks and objectives. Often, to figure out the next steps, you need to pull yourself out of your current setting, be somewhere else, and gain perspective. And so, by simply putting on headphones and pressing a button, you can do just that, anytime, anywhere, letting go of all your thoughts.

Just one object has brought us all together, a single act.
How many of us, at this very moment, are embarking on a journey not just within ourselves, but across vast expanses?
How many are looking at the same object right now? And what are we feeling?
Is it something unique to each of us, or can one object unify us, bestowing a shared sense of peace or curiosity?

What will it be?

Tel Aviv

Once, while traveling in Cyprus, a scene caught my eye, reminiscent of a movie frame: scattered items surrounding an open space, paints, canvases, and a chair positioned at the center. It stood out like a performer stepping onto the stage, waiting, as if yearning for attention. Around it, fabrics and polythene were fluttering in the wind, with miscellaneous items swirling about.
What was this? How did it come to be here? What transpired here? Who brought all this?
My girlfriend and I wandered through, feeling like characters in an enigmatic film, finding ourselves within the picture.
Did I live that sensation, or did the sensation live through me?
I couldn't quite decipher. From that moment on, I began capturing chairs, and this evolved into a project that mesmerizes, transports you elsewhere, and allows you to experience thoughts you wouldn't ordinarily entertain.

By paying a little more attention to what's happening around us, you notice how space plays with us, and scenes from the theater of life unfold everywhere.
United States of America
New York
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