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About me

Cherish the act of working with live paint on canvas, yet I also hold a fondness for digital art and installations, within which I pay special attention to sound. Additionally, I create short films that interweave with my paintings, enriching both mediums with a unique narrative and aesthetic depth. Identify as “they.” Was born in the USSR in 1988, a blend of Russian and Ukrainian blood coursing through my veins. Now I am resident of the UAE, work in Dubai and New York. I graduated from art school but distanced myself from creativity for many years. When doctors presented me with an irreversible diagnosis, I reassessed my life. While traveling, I reconnected with art and discovered the genre of street photography, which embodied my newfound perspective of a world where something is always happening. This experience led to my return to art and became a natural outcome of my transformations.

My work is characterized by an abundance of layers, hidden messages, and surreal scenes, reflecting not only my inner world but also that which is channeled through me from higher realms. By shifting the focus of attention, my creations provoke a shift in a person’s assemblage point, transcending binary systems, much like what once happened to me.

A new perspective on the internal transforms the manifestations of the external, finding forgotten doors to one’s true self and leading to the question:

who am I?

• Hudson Valley MOCA | 'WAR' National Juried Exhibition | New York, USA
• The Holly Art gallery | Art on loop | Paris, France
• Carrie Able Gallery | Disconnected Visions | New York, USA
• THE HOLLY ART gallery | Art on loop III | London, UK
• Art Medina Gallery | Duality of the whole | Rome, Italy
• Contemporary Art Collectors | Tokyo Art Tower Art Fair | Tokyo, Japan
• Khodynka Gallery | On the edge of graphics | Russia, Moscow
• Artifact | Los Angeles Art Show | Los Angeles, USA
• ITSLIQUID GROUP | Bodyspaces | Venice, Italy
• THE HOLLY ART gallery | Radical Beauty | London, UK
• Urbanist Art gallery | UA collective | Dubai, UAE
• M.A.D.S. gallery | Brain cake | Barcelona, Spain
• The FLUX gallery | New Year - New inspirations | London, UK
• Museum Mashkov | On the edge of graphics | Volgograd, Russia
• Museum of Modern History of Russia | Utopia | Moscow, Russia
• Bizon gallery | D- ART- S | Kazan, Russia
• The Holy Art Athens Gallery | Athens Open Art | Athens, Greece
• Sun Spitital Festival | Genesis 4 | Moscow, Russia
• Digarty | Yuri’s dreams | Moscow, Russia
• THE HOLLY ART gallery | ART FUSION virtual exhibition | London, UK
• M.A.D.S. gallery | Guardians of dreams | Canarias Islas, Spain; Milano, Italy
• FLUX Review Exhibition | V2 Exhibition part 2 | London, UK
• Museum MOSH | “Parallels of visual perception” | Moscow, Russia
• Museum Radishchev | “Interaction” | Saratov, Russia
• DigArty | New Future Trends | Moscow, Russia
• GTRK TV | Mass media against corruption | Saratov, Russia
• Museum of Fine Arts Republic | Bestiary | Kazan, Russia
• Museum Radishchev TSHR | “VIRTUAL REALISM“ | Saratov, Russia
• The FLUX Review gallery | V1 Exhibition part 1 | London, UK
• Altai Biennale of contemporary art | Artpogost | Altai Republic, Russia
• Light gallary ROSIZO | Art and Design | Saratov, Russia
• Gorodissky manor | Art residence of TSHR | Orenburg, Russia
• TSHR | Gorodissky estate | Orenburg, Russia
• Winzavod Center of Contemprary Art | The future is now | Moscow, Russia
• MCAS at the Russian Academy of Arts | Guslitsa | Moscow, Russia
• ROSIZO | Virtual Spaces | Saratov, Russia
• Museum Radishchev ROSIZO | “Actual Russia” | Saratov, Russia
art residence
• Carrie Able Gallery | New York, USA
• TSHR in the Gorodissky estate | Orenburg, Russia
• TSHR in Guslitsa | Moscow region, Russia
auctions and nominations
• winner, Asia region, “Art of Health ” | STI & HIV World Congress | Chicago, USA
• auction on St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, by Forbes | Russia
• winner, nomination “Original Art” | Art concept | Ufa, Russia
work experience
• Art performance on Bred festival | Abu Dhabi, UAE
• Art collectible physical toys and NFTs, collaboration with Chico Roko brand
• Creating an App for alternative meditations based on my video and audio works
• Director of the art house short movie “Your dreams (?)”
• Art Installations on Beon1x music festival | Larnaca, Cyprus
• Paintings in the landscape on Sun Spirit music festival | Veliky Novgorod, Russia
• Lecture and master class “Digital painting technique” | Volgograd, Russia
• Curator, exhibition “Neti-neti” in the framework of
“Russia Museum Night” | Saratov, Russia
• Tear-off art calendar Chislennichek | Russia
• NFT Charity Christmas Tree for the Flowers of Life, children’s foundation,
supported by Forbes on the Digarty platform | Russia

spheres of art

• digital art

• painting

• installation

• photography

• film director


• Creative Union of the International Federation of Artists

• World Professional Photographers Organization

• Association for Art History, UK

• Nartwork APS, Italy

• Art of Health, USA


• documentary film “Interaction”

• catalogue Art Medina, New York

• iterview ITSLIQUID GROUP, Italy

• catalogue Tokyo Art Fai, Japan

• catalogue 25th SPIEF Ros Congress


• magazine World Club

• art book Art concept

• art book Art Studio XXI 22

• magazine The FLUX Review, 7, UK

• art book Media Against Corruption

• magazine The FLUX Review, 6, UK

• magazine Human mag

• art book Art Workshops XXI 21

• TV interview U-TV news

•YOUR DREAMS (?) | Semi-Finalist | Melbourne Independent Film Festival
•YOUR DREAMS (?) | Award Winner | Accolade Global Film Competition
•YOUR DREAMS (?) | Award Winner | Dublin Movie Awards
•THERE ARE NO SMALL OR BIG DECISIONS | Award Winner | Accolade Global Film Competition
•THERE ARE NO SMALL OR BIG DECISIONS | Semi-Finalist | Pebbles Underground Film Festival
•THERE ARE NO SMALL OR BIG DECISIONS | Nominee | AltFF Alternative Film Festival
•THERE ARE NO SMALL OR BIG DECISIONS | Official Selected | The North Film Festival - New York City
academic work
• Conducted a scientific study together with psychiatrists on my art audio recordings on the topic: “Analysis of the influence of an autonomous sensory meridional reaction on a change in the mood background.” During which he proved the practical effectiveness of his project both with the problem of affective states and for the independent regulation of a person’s emotional background without identified disorders.
artist statement
In my works, I strive to offer viewers an alternative view of the mundane, transforming deeply personal experiences and stories into surreal images. These plots not only reflect my inner world but also resonate in the soul of everyone who encounters them.

My art is a study of the process of self-discovery through the acceptance and understanding of a variety of life experiences. I invite the viewer on a journey where resistance gives way to trust, and chaos is transformed into order. Surrendering to the flow of events and trusting the world, we explore these worlds together, and the viewer, in the process of immersion,
discovers themselves.

Each brushstroke, each fragment of the scene in my paintings and films, is an invitation to reflect, to see the familiar in a new way, and perhaps to uncover something hidden or underestimated within. I believe that my art is a catalyst for self-discovery and transformation for everyone
who encounters it.