© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev

In the enigmatic depths of the universe, there exists a power that one can discern in the eyes of every woman: a spark, evolving into a blazing fire, illuminating the space around. This is the energy of anima, the feminine energy, an energy of creativity and creation, the energy that births worlds. Just as there's the male energy, animus, it dwells within every individual, regardless of the physical form.

The luminance of the anima is a potent instrument influencing the world around.

A woman's inner realm, brimming with profound emotions and concealed secrets, molds the external reality. The state of her mind and heart sends ripples into the outer world, imprinting events, people, and objects with which she interacts.

She possesses the ability to inspire, to elevate on the wings of creativity, infusing life with light and joy. Yet, she also holds the potential to destruct if misunderstood or unacknowledged.

Embracing and accepting oneself, one's anima, fosters harmony in the soul, interacting with the animus. This interaction is the keystone for the equilibrium between the inner and outer realities. Together, anima and animus can perform wonders, transforming the world around, making it brighter, kinder, and more harmonious.

Within every woman lies a radiant energy, capable of remolding the world.

The only quandary is whether the world will recognize her light or remain in the shadow of her untapped potential?

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