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He who looks at
is what he looks at
At some point in time, it became uncomfortable for me to live in an apartment, I began to periodically sleep in my workshop. It’s very cozy there, before the start of the covid, it was my bar, my father built the build- ing, and I rebuilt it for myself. For me, this is the most native place, you can say a place of power. Constant- ly working without going outside, periodically I began to have a feeling that I was in my head, that space was as much a part of me as the body. In fact, I think it is. To experience this
is a very interesting experience, it
is difficult to comprehend it without feeling it for yourself. If this has not happened to you, try to accept it as one possible point of view. Sometimes, in order for something to happen, it’s enough for us to just allow such a possibility.

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