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living inanimate


inanimate living

When I was young, I imagined that everything has a soul. The stone has a soul, the trees have got, my toys and everything that surrounds us is actually spiritualized.
I grew up. In living and noisy rooms, I began to notice more and more inanimate people, sometimes they seem that they are asleep. I saw a little glow of light in them and I wanted to revive them.
One. Two. Three. Let's play. What if live and dead water does really exist?
Maybe it is easier than you think, isn’t it? Suddenly, when you live the full life, then everything around you are able to resuscitate. Every of your touch, word, your creation brings all to life.
And again I call you to play with the space.
Un, deux, trois - soleil!
I keep waiting.
When I don't see them, these mannequins will move. Someone will adjust their glasses, someone will dance or jump. Guess dear friends, they pretend that they don’t move. In fact, they are frozen in anticipation of some action that they can perform.

text: Kseniya Dolgorukova

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