© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev


The vast Universe, with the sound and noise of everything around, collapsed into a small point. The long beep of an electrical device. White noise or radio interference.
Then silence. Darkness. Emptiness. Pulse. Expansion. Birth. The eyes of an external observer.
I accidentally saw him. He was in a space that was neither my home nor his; we were just guests.
He told me his story - about himself and his decision.

The whole world collapsed into one point again and then expanded.

I recommend watching with subtitles.

I shot all the footage and dialogues accidentally on the phone living in the Guslits art residence

In this space I painted a picture, its story is intertwined with the film and

sheds light on the events in it.

The stories of Guslitsy and her beautiful guardians are captured in my photos:

Here I duplicated the story of the picture and the film

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