© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev


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Can we understand people who lived a thousand years ago?
Do we understand the people around us now?
To tell the truth do we always understand ourselves?

I was late for a business meeting. Changing the route I shared taxi with a stranger. However, the meeting didn’t take place.
A few days later I had figured out that the meeting would have been in vain and would not have led to anything. But the stranger with whom I got acquainted, he became my close friend.
At one point in time, I was upset because I was already late for a meeting. At another, I was grateful that, because of the same event I found a friend.

Are we able to understand the highest plan being at one point in time?
And are we able to make any conclusions being in our own human body?
The concept of good and evil is not univocal, is it?

I am captivated by living in a non-binary world where at one case the venom of a snake could kill, and at another - it heals.
Li Shan tea or maybe his ambiguous path China-Russia-Cyprus-Israel-UAE influenced me in writing this work.
After I was drinking it, I felt a desire to draw a teapot.
Then I was watching how new energies and characters had emerged from it.
Now, in a real time, when the work is finished, they tell us their intertwined, ambiguous stories.

311 megapixels | canvas, mix media | 220x146 cm

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