© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
The birth of a new painting begins with preparing the space, choosing materials, selecting accompanying music, and incense. This preparatory ritual is akin to sacred, ancient ceremonies, tuning you into different frequencies where you find yourself between worlds. The process itself is a meditation, striking in its dramatic nature, mirroring life where the energetic potential soars, time operates differently, and your body occasionally breaks into dance in the literal sense. This is followed by profound silence where your hand becomes the brush, channeling energy directly onto the canvas, living through every stroke. For weeks and months, you are intertwined; the artwork speaks to you, layer upon layer, you cannot stop until, at a certain moment, it's complete. And then, suddenly, it's complete, detached and born.
Memories are subjective

Could we change the past?

The past consists of what we remember about it
They change as we change

How could we recollect the same things?

Could we change our vi- sion of the past in recent present time?

The past or reflecting on our past will be reflected in our future?
All memories are subjective



mediums used:

potal gold leaf

crushed steel shot

chemical reagents

spray for graffiti

textured paste