© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev

- Digital graphic - 3d - oil painting - installation -


If we accept the truth that time is only a variable, like a point in the coordinate axis, then we can move freely along it, because everything has already happened and has not happened at the same time, it turns out that time is a variable of the fourth dimension. According to the same principle, we can assume that there is a fifth dimension, where all the options for the development of events simultaneously exist, i.e. each of the choices already exists, but we see only one choice for each action, because we do not know how to move freely through the fourth dimension. Therefore, we assume that there are no other realities, because we simply cannot observe them. If these assumptions are true, then we can attract and distance the horizons of events by the power of intention and faith. We have everything to manage our lives, we just need to believe and tune in with life will happen, then there will be events that most people call a miracle.​​​​​​​

I didn’t plan to do art seriously.

My friends sent my works and so I

immediately got to a major federal

exhibition. It all started with this series,

it continues to this day.

Oil, canvas

oil, canvas



The moment is now

We don't know how the journey will end,
we don't know how we're going to move,
it depends on the point in time,
from the laws of each world,
but we choose what state to be in now,
not thinking about the past
and without predicting the future,
only now.
Objects, entities, and situations are transformed by the power of our state,
the universe helps us by repeating situations,
until we realize the lesson,
so we feel,
that there is something that leads us
and we are not alone.
But we ourselves
defining the path.
At the moment now.


A video surveillance camera is an example of an object of duality of thinking.
Division into black and white, good and evil, heaven and hell.
In surveillance cameras, some people see care, security, protection, a brave new world.
Others see the same object as a violation of freedoms, a Supervisory regime, and an authoritarian system.
As in the first case, so in the second case, an external object affects the internal state of a person and, like a toggle switch, clicks our state.
But when we get closer to the camera and look directly into it, we will see a mirror, our reflection in it, like everything else in this world, it is not good or bad, it just reflects us, we ourselves endow objects, situations, other people with qualities, hang labels. But the world only reflects us, the States in which we are, and if we let love into our lives, it will be reflected to us.

h= 2700mm

Foam polystyrene

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