© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev

    If we are consciousness, exploring ourselves through play, and we have crafted another form of consciousness known as artificial intelligence, then engaging with it, creating something novel through interaction with this new kind of consciousness is both incredibly intriguing and captivating. I'm delighted to present the results of the transformation of my videos, photographs, and texts into animations in collaboration with this new intellect.

    Imagine, you are in a theater right now.
    Paint a picture of its hall in your mind. Is it a classic hall, adorned with lavish golden reliefs of mythical plants and masks? Or is it a conceptual, minimalist design of contemporary elegance, with smooth, wave-like curves of balconies and a starry sky made up of thousands of tiny lights stretching across the ceiling?
    Settle into a comfortable chair on a balcony, from where the actors and the stage appear somewhat toy-like.
    The lights in the hall gently dim, and the play begins.

    In the first act, the most beautiful moments of your life unfold, filled with love and joy. Revel in these scenes.
    Close your eyes, linger there a while, let yourself be filled with these emotions, feel their vibrations.


    In the second act, your dramatic moments play out, where you experienced anger, anxiety, fear. Feel them, live through them, close your eyes. Now remember, you're in a theater, in a plush seat, and the actor playing this role is far away, on stage, while you watch their performance comfortably from the balcony.
    The lights go out, actors take their bows, applause ensues. You stand up, more ovations follow; thank them, thank yourself.
    How profound were these emotions and states?
    Was the performance beautiful?
    What insights did it bring?

    The keys are within you.
    Scene 1
    Scene 2
    Scene 3
    Scene 4
    Scene 5
    Scene 6
    Scene 7
    Scene 8