© 2022 Maxim Timofeev
© 2022 Maxim Timofeev

My soul was a speck of dust..

Meeting of souls, interaction,

inspiration, birth of the new,

artist and poet.

My soul was a speck of dust,
Until a flame consumed its crust.
Then as a snowflake it did lay,
In someone's warm and gentle sway.

And in a stone it then emerged,
I recall that lengthy trail it surged,
For countless years, the sea I dreamed,
While I lay still, upon the shore it seemed.

Then for a thousand years and more,
I was the sea, I was the pour,
Reborn upon a planet green,
A young and budding leaf was seen.

But soon I was consumed by earth,
Trembling, I learned its ways and worth,
A bird I was, a bear and more,
And now, at last, a man I soar.

Your birth, my soul, has come full round,
In me, its journey has been bound,
I know there's more that lies ahead,
With joys and pains that must be shed.

Thank you, Lord, for faith so true,
For letting me create anew,
For letting me come unto thee,
And talk of eternity.


Vasiliy Popov

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Maxim Timofeev

Unexpectedly, inspiringly, and as is often the case in creative work, it was unplanned. But as they say, the more accidental, the more true, and our project was born in one breath, very quickly, as if in one breath, that is, it happened on the exhale.

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