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Maxim Timofeev,

an artist

I like to work with different materials, but always about personal.

For me, art is emotions, states, feelings embodied in a material form, something that we cannot express and convey otherwise. It just happens, even if I want to, I can’t stop it. The only thing I can do is fix it in works and enjoy it.

Digital Art
part 1

You’ve known him all your life,

seeing him for the first time

How often do we meet people who stay with us?
Have there been past lives? Are there souls that walk the path with us together?
When you see some people for the first time, there is a feeling that you knew them long before. Recently, this feeling has not deceived me, and when I see close person for the first time, I know it for sure. Perhaps we live in such a time of logic and evidence that we have completely forgotten about feelings, about faith, about what is above ourselves. People consider themselves all-powerful, relying only on one aspect of life that we can measure, without noticing how we are trapped in our own achievements. Of course, I am no exception, and I am just coming out of there, looking around and seeing the world a little wider. Gaining the courage to trust my feelings, and the world around has begun to transform.People I walk with have begun to meet more often, and we are moving on in parallel.
Trust in the universe, in the supreme, changes our life, showing new facets of it, it’s as if you wake up from a long sleep and there is no way back.

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Love your demons

The dark sides of us, how deep do we hide them? Are they so dark?
If I go into a dark cave, can I see a shadow? I might have to use a flashlight to illuminate my dark sides after all.
Without naming a demon, we cannot confront it, and to know ourselves, we have to acknowledge our dark sides, name them, bring them out into the light. Go to them, face them, not run from them, then the demons will lose power over us.
Who controls your shadow?

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How often are we immersed in a heated discussion, answering or asking a question, so focused on it that we miss the point? How often do we come up with the right thought after the conversation?
This happens to me all the time. This is neither good nor bad, this is how our body works, we can be drawn into something, take us away from the original topic, I often do it to myself, even while writing this text, many times jumping to other topics.
Often one pause, one quiet breath shifts our attention and gives that third-person, less involved look, for myself I have developed a stop word that brings me back from the situation, that word above.

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Digital Art
part 2

He who looks at

is what he looks at

At some point in time, it became uncomfortable for me to live in an apartment, I began to periodically sleep in my workshop. It’s very cozy there, before the start of the covid, it was my bar, my father built the building, and I rebuilt it for myself. For me, this is the most native place, you can say a place of power. Constantly working without going outside, periodically I began to have a feeling that I was in my head, that space was as much a part of me as the body. In fact, I think it is. To experience this is a very interesting experience, it is difficult to comprehend it without feeling it for yourself. If this has not happened to you, try to accept it as one possible point of view.
Sometimes, in order for something to happen, it’s enough for us to just allow such a possibility.

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No good, not evil, born of dreams, they only guide

Waking up, sometimes images from a dream remain with us after waking up, more often only emotions from them remain. Locations, images encountered in dreams, what is it? Other worlds, parts of the subconscious or just mind games devoid of any meaning.
I just couldn't believe that we could spend part of our lives without meaning.
Once I often had nightmares, often the dreams were repeated. One day I decided to conduct an experiment, after each awakening I began to recall a dream, analyze events. The attitude to what is happening has changed, as it has become an element of research, interest, no matter if it was a pleasant dream or not. The subject of the analysis was the parallel between events in life and in dreams. I tried to treat the images in dreams as helpers pointing to something. Gradually, he began to introduce this knowledge into everyday life. Time passed, the nightmares disappeared, the dreams became brighter. Now the dream has become a parallel life for me, exciting and interesting. Often when I wake up, I make an effort to return and continue sleeping. Images and events have become teachers and I treat them with gratitude, no matter what shape they take.

Opera about the tales

of other universes

Now I am a person or in a human body. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and remember a wonderful dream about how I was a person, being someone else. The ones I’ve heard about in fairy tales. What is a legend for one world is an ordinary reality in another. Moving from one illusion to another, ad infinitum. The only thing we may have left is experience. The only thing we really have is this very moment in this very place, at least in this universe, so to speak.
At moments when I am fully aware of all this myself, the only thing I can do is admire this beautiful and terrible, and insanely fascinating illusion. Although it does not always succeed, it is too fascinating and often makes you believe in your reality. Probably the worst thing we can do with our life is to live it boring, but this is also an experience.. but boring.

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The seeming confusion of the world order

About these moments of injustice of the world, when everything is built perfectly and should go according to plan, but at some point, something breaks down and it follows in a series of unpleasant events. Feelings when you are torn apart, you try to collect everything, but again it does not come out. The ground is slipping away from under your feet, a sense of instability, uncertainty, even helplessness. Everyone has experienced this. What to do at such moments?
At some point, my mutton stubbornness decided to take a day off and I was forced to try an alternative option. To tell the world, OK, let’s see what happens, I won’t resist. And to my great surprise, events began to change, it was very scary, but in the end it turned out much better than I could have imagined. Apparently the universe has its own plans for us and it makes it clear to us. We can resist, or we can trust the Supreme. It can be scary, but we have faith.

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Digital Graphics


If we accept the truth that time is only a variable, like a point in the coordinate axis, then we can move freely along it, because everything has already happened and has not happened at the same time, it turns out that time is a variable of the fourth dimension. According to the same principle, we can assume that there is a fifth dimension, where all the options for the development of events simultaneously exist, i.e. each of the choices already exists, but we see only one choice for each action, because we do not know how to move freely through the fourth dimension. Therefore, we assume that there are no other realities, because we simply cannot observe them. If these assumptions are true, then we can attract and distance the horizons of events by the power of intention and faith. We have everything to manage our lives, we just need to believe and tune in with life will happen, then there will be events that most people call a miracle.​​​​​​​

I didn’t plan to do art seriously.

My friends sent my works and so I

immediately got to a major federal

exhibition. It all started with this series,

it continues to this day.

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Disco Bear

It was a hot summer morning, or rather for us the night was not over yet. The dawn rays of the sun played with the laws of physics, rewinding time in different directions. We spent the afterparty on a calm river, swimming on saps, meditating, talking about energies, about experiences of connections between the subtle and physical worlds. At lunchtime, we were driving across the bridge with the windows open, into which the hot wind penetrated, and from them came the song of Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff...

Oil & Mix mediums


The past consists of what we remember about it.

All memories are subjective.

They change as we change.

Could we change the past?

Could we change our vi- sion of the past in recent present time?

How could we recollect the same things?

The past or reflecting on our past will be reflected in our future?


mediums used:


burned sage

textured paste, glass splinters

Outline of the moment

We see what we reflect. In the everyday world, we automatically recognize objects by their shape, without giving it any meaning, this is how our brain works. What if the object has the outlines of many objects at once and does not contain specifics? Perhaps we will see there what we carry in ourselves at the moment.


mediums used:

oil painting

textured paste

Not small or big decisions


mediums used:

acrylic paint

wall paint

dust from the altar

Imagine that this is your last minute,

what would you do now?

Who is comparing now?

Comparison is a natural action for our reality,
but we can always ask ourselves a few questions:
Who is comparing now?
Who gave me these parameters?
Maybe it’s just society that is driven by something?
Who is driving him?
Maybe we are following someone’s instructions?
Is someone controlling our reactions and actions?
Admitting this is unpleasant enough, but a drop
of doubt is enough to start with.

If someone defined the term “the best”, how objectively?
How many factors are taken into account when comparing?
Often people, being in a race for someone else’s ideals, often begin to see flaws in differences and one group of people already considers themselves, sincerely, better than another,
and the second either hates the first, or tries to be like her.
This phenomenon has a name - discrimination.
In the paintings, rust is not measured by beauty with
a golden potala, they are beautiful in their individuality.

mediums used:

potal gold leaf

crushed steel shot

chemical reagents

spray for graffiti

textured paste

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material used:




spray for graffiti



A video surveillance camera is an example of an object of duality of thinking.
Division into black and white, good and evil, heaven and hell.
In surveillance cameras, some people see care, security, protection, a brave new world.
Others see the same object as a violation of freedoms, a Supervisory regime, and an authoritarian system.
As in the first case, so in the second case, an external object affects the internal state of a person and, like a toggle switch, clicks our state.
But when we get closer to the camera and look directly into it, we will see a mirror, our reflection in it, like everything else in this world, it is not good or bad, it just reflects us, we ourselves endow objects, situations, other people with qualities, hang labels. But the world only reflects us, the States in which we are, and if we let love into our lives, it will be reflected to us.

h= 2700mm

Foam polystyrene

Focus point

The observer effect in quantum mechanics is the theory that the fact of observing an object changes its properties.
It turns out that it is not possible to convey anything without distortion.
To what extent do our words reflect the meaning that we want to convey?
To what extent are the words heard perceived with the original meaning embedded in them?
The original idea is distorted from the moment of its birth and changes throughout life. The original meaning cannot be seen, since it is impossible not to distort.
One day I realized that searching for a single truth is utopia and only takes energy.
Accepting different opinions on one question gave acceptance of people as they are, which allowed me to live more relaxed. At the same time, accepting constant distortions involves critical thinking, which also helps a lot.
If you give up trying to chase one truth, the desire to prove something to someone will disappear by itself. Life is perceived as a movie where only the focus points change and each of them is interesting.

DMX512 connectors

sprays for graffiti


video camera


microphone stands

tv trolley

Your dreams (?)

In the studio of a friend, there was shooting of a documentary film about an art project in which I took part. From the journalist’s question, I realized that in addition to working on a single common project, each artist makes an individual installation. I had to invent it on the go, or rather the space came up with it for me. There were branches and some chairs in the corner, and I remembered that many years ago I had collected a package of cartridges from the shooting range and was going to use them someday in an installation. Everything came together, and the moment has come. The installation appeared by itself.

The branches in it symbolize the course of human life and instead of leaves, they are torn off by shotgun shells. Bright pink paint flows out of them. Bright pink paint flows out of them.

Those opinions that influenced our path may feel irreversible, like gunshots, but as we get closer, we will feel the smell of bubble gum from the shells and, like the gum stuck to the sole of a sneaker, we can get rid of other people’s patterns that were laid in us and go our own way. In my case, it was exactly like that.

In such an interaction of objects, I saw variants of developments of events in a person’s life, interrupted by other people’s opinions, ideals. Wishes of parents, opinions of others, fashion. All this changes our dreams and desires. They may be beautiful, but they’re just strangers. At some point we begin to feel them as our own.
Having spent most of my life chasing other people’s dreams, I wasn’t happy. At the age of thirty, I realized that I didn’t know who I was at all. So, gradually, transformations began.

This installation may become one of the steps on the path of awakening someone, and will definitely give wonderful emotions.

This installation immerses others in the world in the reflections of which you remember yourself, and for someone it may become one of the steps on the path of awakening.

The second, main part of it is an audio recording made using binaural microphones, creating the effect of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridional Reaction). When listening, you feel as if this is happening to you and at the same time feel calmed and relaxed. Neurologists and psychologists are studying this phenomenon, but they cannot yet explain the mechanisms of its work.

- What’s your name? Do you like your name?
- What is your favorite sound? What do you associate it with?
- Remember yourself as a child, who did you want to become? Why?
- What kind of parting words would you say to yourself to a seven-year-old?
- If it were possible to visualize love, what would it be like?
- You see yourself in front of you - you are a child, confess your love to him.

I asked various interesting people who met on my way and the way of my friends to answer such questions. A record of the answers to one question and of the respondents’ favorite sounds, mixed in random order, are broadcast into headphones. After some time, the viewer begins to ask himself these questions, plunging into childhood, remembering himself.

Now I continue to record interviews and draw layouts for the objects of the installation, since at her first exhibition she gathered a queue of people who wanted to listen, some people had tears flowing during the listening. So I realized that it needs to be scaled.
trailer for the movie based on this installation

material used:

ASMR audio

shotgun shells

essential oils

white rabbit

acrylic paint




living inanimate


inanimate living

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